For nearly 100 years, Wolseley Lodge has been established as a premier destination for Ontario vacations. What makes this area so unique is the ever-present French River, arguably, one of the most pristine rivers of North America. Every year, thousands of families flock to this slice of paradise, where time stands still and speeds by all at once, creating lasting memories and awakening their untapped appreciation for the great outdoors. This summer, we invite you to rekindle your love of the wild and find out why so many families choose Wolseley Lodge for their Ontario vacations. 

The French River

It’s impossible to discuss Wolseley Lodge without detailing the iconic wonder that is the French River. Covered by ice 12,000 years ago, this glacial remnant once flowed in the opposite direction it does now. Situated between Lake Nipissing and the Georgian Bay, the French River is relatively short for a significant waterway, at only 110 kilometres. Unscathed shorelines make for picturesque views, and the weedy bays and rocky shoals provide excellent habitat for fish and other wildlife—perfect for angling and nature viewing. As you can imagine, the French River delivers an endless array of recreational activities for you and your family to explore on your Ontario vacation. Nature photography, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking are all staples at Wolseley Lodge.

Wolseley Lodge: Your Basecamp for Ontario Vacations 

Whether you are looking to introduce your family to fishing, or just seeking a laid-back atmosphere to escape the rigmaroles of life, Wolseley Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy the sacred beauty offered by the French River. From our rustic cottages to our main lodge, we have the ideal accommodations for your family getaway in Ontario. Please visit us online or call 1-800-488-4964 to find out how Wolseley Lodge can be your new favourite place for Ontario vacations!