Wolseley Lodge
Accepted Payment Methods

Personal Cheque or Money Order from October 2013 to April 2015.
Tax (13% HST) and Gratuities extra. All rates are quoted in Canadian Funds.

Fill out and submit our online form

Or print out the form below to contact us via the Postal Service:

Deposit Amounts

The Deposit will 30% of the booking value.

For Deposits we accept Interact e-transfer, MasterCard or Visa.

All rates are quoted in Canadian Funds and do not include gratuities and applicable taxes. Rates are subject to change without notice.

On arrival we require a security deposit per cabin, boat and pontoon. Please check Terms & Conditions.

Please complete then 

Print this Vacation Reservation and Booking deposit form (twice) Keep one copy for your records.
Send one copy, with your deposit, to Wolseley Lodge, 2652 Hwy 528, Noelville, Ontario, P0M 2N0 Canada.

Please read and accept our Terms and Conditions prior to booking.
*NOTE:   Acceptance of terms also includes Credit Card Authourization, giving Wolseley Lodge and their representatives,
express authorization to charge the Credit Card Holder with charges incurred in respect of booking, cancellation, goods and services provided to them/their group by Wolseley Lodge.