Welcome to the Wolseley Lodge, the renowned drive in Fishing & Family Lodge on the famous French River since 1928. We are located just 3.5 hours north of Toronto.

Come and unwind in our rustic cabin accommodations next to the waterfront or overlooking the Wolseley Bay. We offer different packages tailored to your needs. Explore the historic waterways with the best fleet of boats, motors and pontoons boats of the French River. Take a canoe and follow the routes of the voyageurs. For your own boats we offer modern private docks.

Take the next step up from your wonderful vacation and savor our hearty, home style meals from our All Inclusive American Plan meal packages and let us do the work.

Enjoy the French River with our Fishing Package and experience the fantastic Musky, Pike, Bass and Walleye fishing the French River has to offer. Fishing guides are available.

Family Vacation at the French River includes swimming, canoeing, beach fun, hiking and private campfires at your cabin. Your children will have a great time at the only Pirate-Ship playground at the French River, right by our beach.

For outdoor enthusiasts the French River is the perfect location for many activities, like camping in the French River Provincial Park, discovery trips to many rapids and islands which offer many backcountry fire pits for picnics and shore-lunches.

Photographers, stargazers, birdwatchers & campfire lovers will have a good time at the French River.

Book your Corporate Retreat at the Wolseley Lodger. We offer outdoor activities, meeting facilities, guided fishing trips with shore-lunches for a great team building experience or staff appreciation event.







Staying at the Wolseley Lodge you will enjoy 25km (15 miles) of the French River. This stretch of water is safely navigable by motor boat and canoe, it has about 220 km (136 miles) of shoreline. There are 77 islands and innumerable weed beds and rocky shoals. It has approximately 2,300 ha (5,680 acres, or more than 8½ square miles) of open water to fish and explore. Some places are over 36 m (120 ft) deep. Its yours to discover.

The Wolseley Bay Area of the French River is contained upstream by the Fiver Fingers Rapids, the Chaudiere Channel, the Portage Channel and the Restoule River, and downstream by Cedar Rapids, Little Pine Rapids and Rainy Rapids. All these rapids are worth to be explored to catch their unique characteristics.


There are two types of fishing licence, sport or conservation. Fishing licences and three year Outdoor Cards can be bought on-line, a printable e-licence will be issued you should carry this (print out), when fishing, until your permanent plastic licence arrives in the mail:

Ontario and Canadian Residents age 18 – 64 need an Outdoors Card (the plastic card is valid 3 years) plus a one year or three year Fishing license Tag. If you are under 18 years old or 65 and older or with a valid Disable Person Card or permit you do not need to purchase an Outdoors Card r licence to fish. You will need to carry your government-issued identification with you, that includes your name  date of birth, at all times while fishing. Your identification acts as your licence to fish, if you belong to one of these age ranges. Children and seniors are fishing with a Sport Fishing licence Tag.

Non-Canadian residents age 18 and older need an Outdoors Card (the plastic card is valid 3 years) plus a Fishing license Tag. Non-Canadian residents under 18 years of age may fish without a licence when accompanied by a licence carrying adult (The limt of fish is only based on the one license). You must carry government-issued identification with you — that includes your name and date of birth — at all times while fishing. You can however get a license for a child to have the extra possession limit.      Non Canadian Residents Fishing License Tags:  Sport or Conservation Fishing licence Tag (Paper permit) for 8 days, 1 year or 3 year duration, both are effective immediately.  A plastic Outdoors Card will be mailed to you, this card is valid for 3 years, including the year of purchase.  There are no exemptions.

Canadian residents

Non-residents of Canada

U.S. citizens entering Canada require a United States Passport to re-enter the USA

Please allow for 6 – 8 weeks to obtain or renew prior to travel to Canada


911 and other services

The closes Ambulance is stationed in Noelville, 16km from the Wolseley Lodge. The closest larger Hospital is in Sudbury, 1 hour driving time. In emergencies Helicopters are joining the Ambulance in an open area 2km from the Lodge.

Health Sciences North (Sudbury Hospital) is an academic health science centre in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. HSN offers a variety of programs and services, with regional programs in the areas of cardiac care, oncology, nephrology, trauma and rehabilitation.

Health Sciences North – Home: https://www.hsnsudbury.ca/

Ontario Fire Ban reports, check to see if open fires are prohibited

Storm Watch