Fishing Wolseley Bay

Spring, summer or fall the French River offers fishing trips and angler’s packages and fishing lodge rates for all levels of angler. The varied river currents, depths and river bottoms create ideal conditions for many Ontario fish species. This is why fishermen find fishing The French River so exciting, you just never know when you might hook into a trophy fish. No matter what style of fishing you prefer, live bait, lures, spinners, or fly fishing, there’s a fish out there for you.
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Fishing Tips for the Spring

Think about your spring fishing trip…… you are entering your boat in the early morning ..everything prepared… Yes! Of you go with your buddies looking for the first Walleye and Pike of your Ontario fishing trips. Taking a long left turn into the Wolseley River… the water level is still high so you will have no problem to pass the beaver dam and double S bend. Should you take your time and maybe troll slowly over the shallow river bank on the north side … Have the days been nice enough to warm the water attracting some bait fish and active Walleyes? Or was it cold last week making it better to move to some deeper holes and jig along the structure for Walleye?

Do these starts too sound familiar
“last year it was 10 degrees warmer we caught Walleye already on worms”…….

or…… “last year when we ere pike fishing we caught Pike only in deeper water, this year they are still in the shallow bays or close to the floodplains in the river”….

Every year it will be different and we help you out with actual and past weather information, updated tips about where and how for every time during the season.
There is some equipment you should have in your tackle box when you come to the French River: – Jigs (and Grubb Tails) in chartreuse, white and yellow, get some heavier ones as well if you are going in stronger current below the rapids. – Go getters, Worm harness (we have a variety of hand made for sale in the boat house), etc.
We will give you a map with updated fishing spots The Wolseley Lodge also arrange guided fishing tours for you. Our guides grew up here in the Wolseley Bay area and have 30 – 45 years of experiences. They will prepare a great shore lunch with your fresh caught Walleye or Pike. It´s a great way to start your fishing trip.
The Hook & Bullet Fishing Times Report for Wolseley Bay will help you identify the best fishing hours each day and increase your chance for success.


Northern Pike, Pickerel/Walleye
Muskellunge, Musky, Muskie
smallmouth and largemouth bass
Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass
Sturgeon Season Closed All Year


Crappie Open All Year
No licence required – Fish OntarioYellow Perch Open all year
Lake Nipissing – New limits apply
Channel Catfish Open All Year
Sunfish, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed Open All Year
(Wolsely Lodge GPS N 46 6.344, W 80 15.926)

Fishing License


In Ontario, Canadian residents need an Outdoors Card (the plastic card is valid 3 years) plus a one year or three year Fishing licence Tag. Residents under 18 years of age may fish without a licence when accompanied by a licence carrying adult.  Persons, over 65 years of age or with a valid Disable Person Card or permit do not need a fishing licence but must have proof of status on them when fishing.  There are two types of fishing licence, sport or conservation.  Fishing licences and three year Outdoor Cards can be bought on-line, a printable e-licence will be issued you should carry this, when fishing, until your permanent plastic licence arrives in the mail:

Ontario Fishing Licence – Information

Buy Your Ontario Fishing Licence Online

Non Canadian Residents need a Non Resident Temporary Outdoors Card plus a Sport or Conservation Fishing licence Tag (Paper permit) for 8 days, 1 year or 3 year duration, both are effective immediately.  A plastic Outdoors Card will be mailed to you, this card is valid for 3 years, including the year of purchase.  There are no exemptions.

Ontario and Canadian Residents – 2015
Wolseley Lodge – Information Fishing Licences
Yearly Temporary licence
(You have no valid Ontario Outdoors Card)
Resident of Ontario Canada
Annual Full Sport licence* $39.14 $64.84
Annual Conservation licence* $26.43 $42.37
Ontario and Canadian Residents – 2015
Wolseley Lodge – Information Fishing Licences
Yearly Temporary licence
(You have a valid Ontario Outdoors Card)
Resident of Ontario Canada
Annual Full Sport licence* $29.46 $42.37
Annual Conservation licence* $16.75 $32.69
Non Canadian Residents – 2015
Wolseley Lodge – Information Fishing Licences
Annual Sport Licence $92.25
Annual Conservation licence* $61.33
8 Day Sport licence** $63.22
8 Day Conservation licence** $40.21

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and include applicable taxes

*    Includes Outdoors card ($9.68) – valid for 3 years
**  Eight-day fishing licences are valid for eight consecutive calendar days. A calendar day is a 24-hour period starting at 12:00 midnight.

Fish Ontario Fishing licence Facts

Wolseley Lodge Fishing Packages available for small or large groups,
call 1-800-488-4964 to reserve your adventure, are you ready to star in your own big fish photo


Ministry of Natural Resources

Remember to have your Fishing licence on you when fishing.

Failure to present a valid licence, for your catch, if asked for by a MNR officer can result in a fine plus the confiscation of your fish, fishing equipment, boat and vehicle.

Please also familiarize yourself with fishing rules and regulations and any exceptions for the zone you are fishing.

Pay attention to bait and water body restrictions.

Stay within the slot limits.

Take note of transportation conditions.

Conservation licence (C):

Catch and release. Lower possession limits, as outlined in the Fish Ontario Guide.

Sport licence (S):

Possession limits in effect as per relevant section of the Fish Ontario Guide, (Zone 11 and exceptions), Ontario Fishing Rules and Regulations

Fishing Rules & Regulations

Wolseley Bay and the French River shoreline includes National Parks and Crown Land.
Image source: MNR Ontario


Wolseley Lodge and the French River fall within Zone 11 and exceptions apply (National Park, Crown Land)
Download the MNR – Zone 11 information here for 2015.
This is the correct Zone for Wolseley Lodge and the French River System adjacent to our Cottages.
Please carry your Fishing license, Outdoors Card and Boat documents (if applicable) on you when fishing.
Please familiarize yourself with your Fishing license type limits and expiration date.
Locate the zone and exceptions in the Fishing Guide for the body of water you wish to fish, make sure that you will be fishing in season.  Use the correct bait and tackle.
Check that fish slot limits are valid (ie not replaced by newer local limits that may be posted by the MNR at boat launches, marinas etc.)


Measure, to verify if it can be kept or should be released.
Stay within the species allowance as specified by your fishing license (S) Sport, (C) Conservation
Transport your fish in accordance with MNR guidelines


The above information is only a guideline for anglers and fishermen. full details about fishing in Ontario, Canada, can be found here;

Ministry of Natural Resources – Fish Ontario Regulations. (page 66 onwards – Zone 11)

Wolseley River and Bay
Zone 11 plus exceptions
Licenses for fishing can be purchased on-line

Buy your Ontario fishing license today


  • Women fishing off the shore.
  • Fishing boat on the river at sunset.
  • Man fishing off a boat.
  • Man fishing off a boat.
  • Guest fishing off a boat.
  • Man fishing off a boat.
  • Man fishing at sunset.


  • Bjoern holding a 20 inch bass.
  • Richard holding a 19 inch Bass
  • Mike holding a bass.
  • Max holding a 20 inch small mouth bass.
  • Max holding a 20 inch small mouth bass.
  • Bill holding a bass.
  • Betty holds a bass.


  • Tom holding large fish.
  • Tom holding 38 inch fish.
  • Scott holding 51 inch muskie.
  • Mike holding 56 inch muskie.
  • Rick holding large muskie.
  • Percy holding 44 inch muskie.
  • Monte holding a large muskie.
  • Mark holding 48 inch muskie.
  • Don holding 48 inch muskie.
  • Young man with 41 inch muskie.
  • Jeff holding 48 inch muskie.
  • Frank holding a large muskie.
  • Daniel holding a 47 inch muskie.
  • 43 inch muskie caught by guest.
  • Brian holding 45 inch muskie.
  • Stan holding 49 inch muskie.
  • Man holding large muskie.
  • Man holding large muskie.

Northern Pike

  • Tad holding 46 inch River Pike.
  • Paul holding fish.


  • Dave holding walleyes.
  • Dave holding walleyes.
  • Roy Bredow holding walleye.
  • Randy with wife, infant, and walleye.
  • Mike with his 8 lbs 29 inch Walleye in the North Channel on Blue Rapala.
  • Dan Scott holding a 27 inch walleye.
  • Photo of a Father and Son Holding a Giant Fish. Click Here to Learn more about our Ontario Vacations.
  • Marty holding a 30 plus inch Walleye.
  • Marko holding a 28 and half inch walleye.
  • Marcel holding a walleye.
  • Kevin holding a 29 and one fourth inch Walleye.
  • Jeff holding a 28 inch walleye.
  • Jeremy holding a 28 in walleye.
  • Dan holding 30 inch walleye.
  • Mike holding 28 inch walleye.
  • Jenna holding 25 inch walleye.
  • Jason holding 29 inch walleye.
  • Ryan holding 30 inch walleye.
  • Mickey holding 20 inch walleye.
  • John holding several fish on a line.
  • Bruce holding 30 inch walleye.
  • Jonathan holding 26 inch fish.
  • Bob holding 27 inch walleye.
  • Duke holding 27 inch walleye.
  • Adam with 27 inch Walleye.
  • Duke holding 28 inch walleye.
  • Mike holding 29 inch walleye.
  • Peter, Mike and Al holding walleyes.

Videos – Fishing and Wolseley Bay

Wolseley Lodge has been a Fishing Resort since 1928
The big fish are out there. Here´s just one of them.

Thanks to the guests at Wolseley Lodge for your fishing videos. The French River features quiet bays and rapids, it’s a great habitat for Ontario sports fish. Here at Wolseley Lodge we welcome fishermen, single anglers, small groups and large parties. We know that you want to be out in Wolseley Bay and on the French River as soon as the mist starts to lift and the first rays of light begin to warm the waters calling the fish to feed.

We have dedicated slips, livebait, fish cleaning ang freezing facilities. With our local connections we get to hear where the trophy fish have been seen, which bait and lures are catching fish consistently this year and which is the best time to cast your line.

YouTube Videos


Fish TV

Ron and Leo did a special show on Bass fishing at the French River staying with the Wolseley Lodge in 2008
and again, with Grant, for Pike & Walleye in 2010.

XTEN Productions

Fish TV visit Wolseley Bay and Lodge

Walleye Fishing with Fish TV

Ron James and Leo Stakos From FISH TV with Harald at the dock. Ron and Leo did a special show on Bass fishing at the French River staying with the Wolseley Lodge in 2008 and again, with Grant, for Pike & Walleye in 2010.

Ron and Leo did 3 more shows over the French River in 2009 and 2011. They can’t get enough of the French River.

They always get got into some big ones, have fun watching the shows on great locations at the French River.

Fish TV airs with the following Stations:

TV Tropolis
Rogers Sportsnet
The Out Door Channel

It’s a great Show, have fun watching it or Check the Fish TV Homepage

Ripple Outdoors

Listen to host Peter Wood chatting with Harald Lutte about Wolseley Lodge and the French River Monster Muskies. Peter spent a few days out and about in Wolseley Bay and enjoyed the hospitality and spectacular views.

We would like to thank our guests who took and send us videos of their fishing and vacation adventures on the French River. To make it easier for your to enjoy them, we have placed them on our Wolseley Lodge – Fishing Videos Page.

Fishing The French


Hot Spots Fishing Map
Boat Rental
Live Bait
Fishing Guide
Fish cleaning hut use
Fish freezing facility

Not Included:

Non Live Bait
Fishing Tackle
Depth Finder
Electric Trolling Motor
Fishing Guide
Fishing Licence
Personal Items

Fishing Tip:

Be sure to bring a camera with you because you won’t want to miss that picture of the ” Big One” or any of the breath taking scenery on the French River

This page is a guide only.

The Ministry of Natural Resources view is that it is your responsibililty to ensure that you comply with fishing rules and regulations.

Please familiarise yourself with the current rules and regulations for
Zone 11 and any Exceptions. that may apply.

Remember to stay within your Fishing Licence type allowance and obey the Slot limits to safeguard fish populations.