All rates are quoted in Canadian Funds and do not include applicable taxes and gratuities. Rates are subject to change at any time. Some conditions apply.


We require a non refundable deposit within 10 days to confirm your reservation. The deposit will 30% of the total booking value.
We accept Interact e-transfer, MasterCard or Visa.
All rates are quoted in Canadian Funds and do not include gratuities and applicable taxes. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Minimum rental per boat rental or motel style room 1 day/night, all other as posted 2-3 nights. Housekeeping on Long Weekends and during Summer min 3 nights (daily summer bookings only at last minute) be prepared to settle your account for booking on arrival, in cash, Interact e-transfer, Debit, MasterCard or Visa.

All persons/items booked will be charged.
Some conditions may apply. More information is posted in the cabins.
For all terms and conditions give us a call.

Rental Boats

We require a Security Deposit of $750.00 for a Boat and $1250.00 for a Pontoon Boat (Preauthorization on your Credit Card or in Cash).
The Boat Operator must be 18 or more years old. For all Canadian Residents who operate a boat you need to bring your Pleasure Craft Operator Card.
For all Non Canadian Residents you can obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card over the internet or have a completed boat rental safety checklist
(for power-driven rental boats) at the Wolseley Lodge; or an operator card or equivalent which meets the requirements of their state or country.
Check:  OR

Check In / Out

Check IN Time is 3:00 PM,     Check OUT Time for Spring and Fall is 10:00 am.     Check OUT Time during July and August is 9:00 am.


Because of our small size, short season and remote location, cancellations affect us significantly. As we don’t overbook the camp please understand that especially a last minute cancellation leaves us little to no chance to fill this spot again and for this reason we uphold a strict cancellation policy.

If a written cancellation notice is received within 45 days prior to your arrival date, your deposit will be refunded less 30% administration fee.
If a written cancellation notice is received less than 45 days prior to your arrival date, no refund will be possible.
No shows, or cancellations less than 10 days before arrival date, will be liable for 100% of the total value of the reservation.

By forwarding us your deposit and/or your authorization to use your credit card number for your deposit indicates your compliance with our booking terms and conditions. Verbal authorization for the use of your credit card confirms your reservation.

It is always important to have travel/cancellation insurance!
Note: A number of credit cards carry automatic travel insurance for members and their families. If you are not covered by a credit card, consider buying travel insurance.      e.g. CCA offices are offering a “Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance” within 48 hours after the reservation took place.

On Arrival

Please be prepared to settle your account for accommodation and boat rental on arrival. We accept Cash, Debit Interact, Certified Cheques, VISA & MasterCard. (No American Express Cards or Personal Cheques)
All items/guests booked will be charged. All guests must register with the office at arrival. No refund for late arrival or early departures.

If any member of your group does not stay or cancels, it will result in an additional charge for the remaining persons in that group. (applicable to all reservation packages ). Any outstanding charges by a member upon check-out will be charged to the credit card on file unless each person has a credit card posted to their account. If there is no credit card posted to any group members account the group leader will become responsible for any outstanding charges.

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Facilities offered at Wolseley Lodge are for the exclusive use of our guests and used solely at their own risk.
The Wolseley Lodge and its owners will not hold liable for any damages, injuries, or losses incurred by our guests while on the premises or while operating our boats and motors.
Guests are responsible for the action and safety of their own, of their children, visitors, and pets.
The Wolseley Lodge and its owners will not held liable for missing utilities e.g. Hydro black out however caused.


All damages to Wolseley Lodge property, and/or malfunctioning equipment, must be reported immediately.
Guests are fully liable for all damages and losses to boats, motors, cabins and other equipment, however caused.
Credit card imprint(s) will be taken on check-in and/or a security deposit will be held in trust during your stay.
(Security deposit will be fully refundable on check-out pending there are no damages).
Our guests are expected to keep our cabins and any rental equipment clean.
Guests are responsible to clean their cabins (specially if you bring pets) and rental boats before departure.
Cleaning fees of min $100.00 for a cabin or $50.00 for a boat can be charged to your bill.


At the Wolseley Lodge, we know that your four-legged furry companions are more than just pets; they’re part of your family, which is why we welcome pets to enjoy a getaway with you in our accommodations. The French River Area is an outdoor wonderland that offers a vast amount of outdoor activities, scenic islands trails and natural beauty that your family and pet will love exploring. To keep them safe any time we recommend to keep them on the leach, there are bears, wolfs and coyotes in the area.

One pet per cottage is permitted but MUST be mentioned at the time of reservation. Cabin #6 and #8 are pet free.  All pets must be on a leash while on the property of Wolseley Lodge and must not disturb and/or frighten our other guests. No pets at the beach or playground in respect to the children. Pets can go swimming at the boat launch area. Please come prepared to clean after your pet.  Please be considerate of other guests when walking your pet on the property. Pets are not allowed on any of the furniture, bedding or in the shower tub. Pet towels and blankets are available at your request. Pets cannot be left alone in the Cabin unless they are in a crate and do not disturb other guests. If your pet is disturbing other guest or is off the leach we will ask you to bring it to a local kennel. Keep in mind every one has the right to enjoy their vacation.


Campfires are only permitted at designated campfire pits and during the evening and night after 8:00pm. (Times might change during the season, please inquire at the office). For the safety of our guests, cabins, trees and bush please keep your fire reasonable small. Campfires must be attended at all times, 5 gal pail/ buckets for water are in each cabin, extras  pails are available at the boathouse. Please bring your own axe to make kindling wood.

Check at the office if there are fire restrictions in affect. If it is likely that a fire ban many come into effect we might ask that you use less wood on your campfires or or ask you to use a safer fire pit like the one at the playground. Due to the intense forest fire history in the area during the last years we asking you to be an alert at any time and follow our rules.

Make sure you put your campfire out before you got to bed.

When putting out your campfire:

  • First, drown the campfire with water!
  • Next, mix the ashes and embers with soil. Scrape all partially-burned sticks and logs to make sure all the hot embers are off them.
  • Stir the embers after they are covered with water and make sure that everything is wet.
  • Feel the coals, embers, and any partially-burned wood with your hands. Everything (including the rock fire ring) should be cool to the touch. Feel under the rocks to make sure no embers underneath.
  • When you think you are done, take an extra minute and add more water.
  • Finally, check the entire campsite for possible sparks or embers, because it only takes one to start a forest fire.
  • Remember…if it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave.